Have Patience With Me

The other day, I woke up and knew it was one of those days. I was done before I started. All I could do was sit on my bed and watch TV all day. My latest crochet project sat next to me untouched. E-mails went unsent. A letter I needed to mail had to wait another day. Those might sound like simple, easy things that don’t take very much energy, but it was like my body needed me to sit perfectly still all day. And at the end of the day, I knew I’d done the right thing. My exhaustion runs so deep that I just need days like that in order to regain a tiny bit of energy.

I try to explain to people about the depth of my exhaustion. I think I’ve done a good job with the explanation. And then I hear, “I sent you an e-mail yesterday. Why haven’t you responded?” “Why weren’t you at church on Sunday?” “Why didn’t you return my phone call right away?” I’m so glad that people love me and want to hear from me. But at the same time, I want them to know that some days (or sometimes even a whole week), I just can’t do even the simplest things. It’s not that I’m being lazy. I’d do them if I could. But I can’t. So I hope that I can start explaining my illness to people in way that lets them know to have patience with me. Please.



  1. Stacy Moore · June 22, 2015

    Hi — I found your blog on WordPress through the Chronic Illness tag. I’ve had ME/CFS for 19 years, and I don’t know that people ever do quite “get” it — any more than I get what life is like for my friend whose child has autism, or for the one whose wife just died of cancer. If your only experience of illness is the occasional cold or flu, you just have no frame of reference for serious illness. Your friends may not realize it, but they actually need *you* to be patient with *them* while they catch on. 😉 Hang in there.
    Be whole,


    • maryamu25 · June 23, 2015

      Thanks for your advice, Stacy! That’s a good way of thinking about it!


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