Red Shoes and The Blues


That’s probably the best word to describe how I’ve been feeling the past few weeks. It seems like I’ve been fighting an uphill battle. During my last doctor appointment, my doctor told me that I should be taking coconut oil. It’s good for the brain, and since I’ve been having a lot of memory and concentration problems, she felt it would be good for me. I actually had already been incorporating it into my diet over the last month. At first, it was fine. Then suddenly, every time I had some, I’d immediately get nauseated. Each time it got a little worse. I decided to take a few days off from taking it, then take only a very small amount. That day, the nausea and stomach cramps were so bad I almost lost my dinner. I stopped taking the coconut oil, but the nausea lasted for days. I had to lie very still to keep from vomiting. I couldn’t eat much. I was worried I’d lose more weight, and I don’t have much weight to spare. I developed a fever on a day that was 106 F outside and 95 F in my bedroom. Talk about a bad day to fight a fever! I got over the fever in a few hours, and the nausea and cramps a day or two later. But needless to say, coconut oil and I are over. And now I feel much better. Well, maybe just back to normal. My normal.

Right after that, I had a couple of good days, and then a bunch of days when my fatigue was so bad that I felt like I couldn’t walk in a straight line. I wake up in the morning, thinking I can get up and go out with my family, and in a matter of minutes after being at the store, I’m done. Completely, utterly “let’s go back to bed and start over tomorrow” done.

That’s how these last couple of weeks have been. Also, it’s been hot. Not as hot as it got when I lived in Africa, but hot enough that it gets a little uncomfortable at times. So, ugh. That’s how I feel.

On a bright note, I just got a pair of really cute red shoes. I love pretty shoes. Because I don’t go out very much and can’t wear them, I put some of my prettiest shoes by my bed and look at them, and that makes me happy. It might sound a little crazy, but hey, it works for me. Honestly, I think God brings these little happy things into my life just when I need them. They may seem insignificant to others, but they remind me that there’s life beyond chronic illness.



  1. The Person Next to You · July 16, 2015

    I herx after 4 days of coconut oil – tried taking it regularly several times, and it was always at day 4. I had to cut it down for a while.


    • maryamu25 · July 16, 2015

      It’s nice to know someone else reacts to it, too. It seems that a lot of people I know have no problem with taking it regularly.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Faybun · July 17, 2015

    Sorry bout what you went through and stil, going through but I’m happy to know I’m not crazy. We cook with virgin coconut oil at home. I’m always nauseous and I get these crazy heartburns. But I’m the “sick one” so it’s seen as my issues.


    • maryamu25 · July 17, 2015

      Yeah, I started googling coconut oil and nausea after I started having issues, and realized that a lot of people are very sensitive to it. My doctor was very understanding when I told her about it and she told me to use it sparingly. So, if you can, don’t use it as much and see if it makes any difference.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Faybun · July 17, 2015

        Thanks, I’m not the one doing the cooking so for now I mostly stay clear of it.

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