Christmastime is Here

Last Christmas, I basically laid in bed in all Christmas season and watched my Facebook account as all my friends went to Christmas parties and concerts, made cookies, went shopping, and did all the things my body wouldn’t tolerate. I’m just thankful I could get out of bed on Christmas day, dress myself, and spend all day sitting up. It gave me a completely different perspective of Christmas.

This year is very different. I’m feeling a lot better (not all better- still far from all better) and can actually do some of those things. I’ve realized that after missing so much, I’m anxious to stuff as much life in these moments as I can. So I’ve attended my fair share of Christmas desserts and parties, gone shopping, and visited friends. Today I built a snowman. A small one. My body quickly reminded me of the months of inactivity and that I’m so ridiculously out of shape that I better be satisfied with my “baby” snowman and just go back inside and warm up my aching muscles. I’ve paid the price with all the things I’ve done this Christmas. I’m very tired. I’m sleeping 10 hours a night (which is actually really great after years of terrible sleep!). But I’m overjoyed with the idea of being active again. It feels like a gift. It is a gift.



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